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Photo Album Creator 1.1

With FG Photo Album Creator you can easily make photo albums.
The photo album is saved as Executable file (.exe) so it will not need any viewers to run .
With simple mouse clicks you can add photos ,add comments on the photos , add album welcome and end text ,add music file which will be played when you start the album.

As i said the Album will be saved as an executable file so your friends can open your albums easily without the need of any viewers (or players).

 In version 1.1  , the Sorting mode  is fixed !

The program works on : Windows 7 , Server 2008 , Vista , XP , 2003, NT.

Note that Windows XP and older versions of Windows users may need to install Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0

Warning about Photo Album Creator


Hello ,

i saw some websites had posted the program and they added websites addresses with the program folder ( i saw that on a Torrent websites ) .

the orginal folder that is created by me does only contain the program file(s) , no websites addresses have been added by me .

So please note that . 

Thank you.

Bashar Yassin


Hello ,

In the program folder there is a tool called  "un.PXD" . This tool's job is to delete all the files that do exist in the same folder of that tool. So please don't try to change the extension to ".exe" and then run it with direct way because that can causes the removal of all your files that exist in the same folder with that tool .

Only the program knows how to deal with that tool .

This tool will be changed in the next version to prevent such problems that the users may face .

Thank you.

Bashar Yassin

Download :

Program size : 607 KB


    Get it from CNET!